Open auto service “Vabonti”


TP_techn_rabOur project is a “Technical workshop for repair and diagnostics of cars with office and reception”. Located in “NPZ Orion and neighboring residential areas” on the territory of Sofia. A modern suburb, Sofia Municipality “Vrybnitsa”.

The main activities will be carried out in the building are repair and diagnostics of undercarriage components and chassis of cars, assembly/disassembly and balance the tires, change oil and filters.

The staff will be three. There are three work cells for repair and diagnostics of vehicles equipped with 2 pcs. lifting jacks. Working cells have a direct connection with spare parts warehouse and a separate room – a technical workshop, which will be carried out smaller repairs of parts and details of the suspension of the vehicles. Employees have their own bathroom and dressing room.

TP_techn_rab_2For the needs of customers is designed reception area with space for waiting. Admission to the reception is determined directly from the sidewalk adjacent to the working cells.

An intermediate level above the area of ​​the reception area, bathrooms, utility room and dressing room is located office – gallery destined for a place of work of the manager of the workshop and meetings with clients. The level of office – the gallery is provided for rest room with WC.

Spatial design of the building is largely determined by its function and form of property.

In plan the building is a trapezoid. It consists of two volumes with different heights. In the lower volume are contained storage area and workshop, and the higher volume is available working with cells lifting jacks to lift the car, reception, dressing room, sanitary facilities, office gallery and the break room.

In order to maximize the ease, economy and speed in the construction of the building is chosen supporting metal skeletal structure.


Another advantage of the metal structure is the ability to overcome larger supporting distances and achieve more open spaces in the area of ​​working posts for repair, diagnostics and servicing cars.The building was designed in 2015 and built entirely in 2016.

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