Investment projects

The team of Talashim Project has the capacity and experience in performing the full range projects and services in the field of investment design – from conceptual to technical and operational phase. In the practice until now we have worked on different sizes and types of projects – residential, public and industrial buildings, each of which has its own specific features and requires an individual approach to work.

The stages of investment projects are divided into:

  • Conceptual design – a phase in which the idea of the Contractor and “dressed” in permitted by current legislation limits. This is extremely important role of the architect (if he is a leading designer for the subject) to prepare an optimal solution – both functional and esthetic and economically.
    At this stage it is possible to make a forecast budget which the Contracting Authority to follow. The final result of conceptual design is drawing task for preparation of the technical design.
  • Technical design is a refinement of the concept to the necessary level to be issued a building permit and be able to build the building. This phase is developed by the whole team – architects and engineers in the relevant parts. Based on the produced by them documentation is being issued a building permit and the construction starts.
  • Detailed project is a detailed technical project with the corresponding details, specifications, drawings, estimate documentation. This detail is subject to assignment by the Contracting Authority and can be prepared both before and after approval of the technical design.

The result of our work is a quality project; a project which meets the requirements of the normative documents and the Employer. And this is the necessary condition to be implemented and the idea to become a reality …

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