Memorial park “Gato Shishkov”

The project to build a memorial park “Gatto Shishkov” made free by arch. Borislav Krustev and arch. Vlatko Stojanovski.
It will be built at the – highest point of the village Rakovitsa, near the church of “St. Nikolay Mirlikiyski”.
After holding two public hearings and offering two options developed by our experienced architects, the villagers unanimously chose the option that you imagine.
The project is divided into two stages.
The first one envisages the construction of the monument itself and the space around it, including the construction of paths, lighting, landscape elements and others.
The second phase includes the construction of stairs from the foot of the hill to the monument, as well as platforms with benches and gazebos.

  • The first part of the project is valued at approximately 25 000 Levs
  • The second part comes worth 20-25 000 Levs

Conceptual design is a kind of stylized flame with built-in cross him and basically bas-relief on the revolutionary Gatto Shishkov – a participant in the April uprising and associate of Vasil Levski in Sofia, as well as plaques of the other participants of these events.

TP_GSh_02 TP_GSh_01

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