Project management

From our experience in designing and authoring supervision of different types of objects we realized that we can be even more useful for investors and for ourselves if we offer the possibility to organize the whole process of project implementation. From the basic idea to the entering into service of the completed building good “project management” is a critical level, without which the whole investment process is unthinkable. That is why we believe that Talashim Project can be useful by assuming the overall management of investment projects by:

  • Feasibility studies are to study the advisability of conceptual intentions of the investor in order still in the initial phase to determine the return on investment. This applies to projects where there is hesitation in the Contracting authority about the parameters of construction, function or location.
  • Conceptual design, technical specification and preliminary budget represent the development of the architectural part of the project in sufficient detailed conceptual stage, on the basis of which to draw up a detailed technical specification. This stage of the overall process is extremely important because unless the technical specification, here can be prepared a preliminary budget for the project. Valuation of the draft conceptual stage is the only appropriate time for preparation of the financial framework.
  • Account documents and final budget are available for drawing namely after completion of the overall design. Here are valued bills of quantities and specifications of each project part so as to draw the total value of construction – precise to the last detail, and lay down any incidental expenses. This final budget should be, together with the approved project, the two benchmarks, which should drive the project management.
  • Investment control during construction is an activity we offer as part of project management. Once a quality project is prepared, and is drawn up a precise budget, follows the selection of contractors and control of their work. Adequate job of investment control during construction is the key point, which ensures both compliance with the project documentation and the budgetary framework.

The final result of a well-managed project is a successfully realized building (structure). Furthermore, are met the approved projects and planned budget, as well as committed at the beginning deadlines.

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