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We present to you a unique for Bulgaria and the Balkans project for a complex of smart houses (smart home). This tendency of the last decade towards automating homes and offices now first will be applied in full volume in a complex of several individual buildings.

The location is the mountain village Dzhigurovo situated next to the famous resort town of Sandanski in Bulgaria. This is the southwestern corner of the country, nestled in the Pirin Mountains and bordering Greece and Macedonia. This region is very attractive with its location, nature and history.

The distance from the village Dzhigurovo to “Macedonia” airport in Thessaloniki is 140 km., to the airport “Sofia”, Bulgaria – 160 km. The distance to the border with Greece and Macedonia is 20-25 km. To the Mediterranean Sea is 120 km. and the Black Sea – 480 km. This data shows the selected successfully from a transport perspective site for the housing complex – a two hours drive from the two major airports in the region.


Vertical air streams here, together with the combination of Mediterranean and mountain feeling makes this place in one of the places with the lowest content of allergens – the most suitable for the treatment of pulmonary, asthmatic and allergic diseases in Europe. On the other hand numerous mineral springs (over 80 with water temperature 42-81) become the area into one of the balneology centers in the Balkans.

Sandanski and its surroundings are inhabited since ancient times due to the above advantages of the nature and location. From the II millennium BC until today it is an attractive place to live and treatment. More interesting facts about this region:

  • One of the earliest Christian communities in the Roman Empire, traces of which can still be seen in the city center;
  • Here is the birthplace of the Thracian Spartacus, who in I in. BC. BC. raises the biggest slave uprising that rocked the Roman Empire;
  • Close to the area is the place “Rupite” in which chose to live the rest of her life the world-famous prophetess Vanga.


All this information paints a picture of the place chosen to build complex “Salida del Sol Sandanski” – a place with an interesting history, extraordinary nature and convenient location. What, however, is actually is this complex? What makes it so interesting?

Salida del sol” from Spanish means “sunrise”. This name extremely matches the place – sunny, open terrain with 360° panoramic view. The complex is situated east of the town of Sandanski and is higher than it in the mountains. Therefore “sunrise” for Sandanski passes through dynamic silhouette of the house complex.

The complex consists of 8 the number of individual houses, small spa, tennis court, outdoor mineral water swimming pool and fitness for use by all residents. Each house is located on private land between 550 and 800 m2. At the lowest part of the general terrain is provided separate mini-farm Eco food for residents.





The project is planned 7 houses have a similar appearance:

  • Two floors with a total area of about 200 m2, where spacious living room with kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 4 toilets, technical room;
  • Large south terrace at the level of the living room, bushes, colorful landscaping around the house, parking for cars;
  • Ability for the formation of a semi-underground open or closed level of the houses for which the terrain allows it;



The eighth house is designed with twice as big size of a parcel of nearly 3.5 decares. This property is provided for the construction of spa and sports facilities. Concept is the facilities here to be enjoyed by all residing in the complex, which will reduce total cost of ownership.

External appearance of the buildings is characterized by simplicity of shapes, denial of unnecessary details and dynamics of the general silhouette that fits successfully amid dominating mountain. Saddle roofs with predominant southern slope is also a reference to the Alpine forms of mountain slopes and also has significant utilitarian sense: the need for shading to the south because of the high summer temperatures; need a wide area south slope on which to install more solar panels.

The roof of each house is a kind photovoltaic power plant: 100 m2 panels that provide 50 kW power per day. Here we must note that Sandanski and the region have over 320 sunny days a year and solar insolation is an inexhaustible resource. Photovoltaic roofing will provide enough energy for consumption of the house and the remaining will be sold at bargain prices against to the accepted in Bulgaria directive on “green energy”. Moreover, in the days when the owners are absent “smart house” still earns money for them by producing and selling electricity.

Smart home is the principle applied in every level of the project:

  • Automated management of produced energy by the roof;
  • CCTV and access control as well as to each individual building and the complex as a whole. SOT;
  • Optimizing the energy consumption of the house by controlling the supply of groups of consumers;
  • Automatic control of heating and air conditioning systems – according to the time of occupancy of the house and period of absence of people;
  • Control remotely via internet access via computer, GSM or tablet;

The principle of smart house is a supplement to the concept of low energy building, which is one of the main pillars of this project. Because it is inefficient to manage the building with high losses of electricity. Therefore, this project is designed to meet the standards of low-energy building:

  • External surrounding structures made with layered installation in which there are 30 cm. thermal insulation – mineral wool;
  • Construction of buildings – solid concrete to elevation 0,00 and prefabricated steel – up to the roof level. Thus it is possible wall constructions to build a layered installation – gypsum boards and plaster outside, inner insulating layer of mineral wool inner lining of plasterboard. A similar piece of insulation provides for roofing;
  • Window and door openings – solved with triple glazing and six PVC profile. This will minimize losses in surrounding structures;
  • Thermal and waterproofing of the slab elevation 0,00 to 15 cm. XPS. This will close the thick shell of the building, avoiding all possible thermal bridges and provide sufficient thermal insulation to the climatic conditions of the area.

All these parameters are probably uninteresting information prepared for non-technical reader, but actually describe the product we offer – the set of “smart houses”. But the technical characteristics can not specify a feeling this place – Sandanski, field plots, the view which reveals. Everything described above is being in a process of implementation with which the technical parameters of construction will become in one piece with the feeling of the adjacent environment. That total generally already be built under the name „Salida del Sol Sandanski“.

Author: arch. Borislav Krastev
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