Urban design

Very often before proceeding to the investment design of buildings and facilities, it is necessary the property for building to be “adapted” to the specific investment plan. In other words, to make spatial planning of the territory that, according permissible requirements, can realize the intention of building the Employer. This urban design contains various procedures such as pooling and division of property, changing the nature of construction, change of use of the terrain, long-term planning for large areas, and many others. The main types of development projects are:

  • Detailed Development Plan (DDP) , developed both within the specific property and a neighborhood or general area. With DDP are set as the regulation limits (Plan for regulation) on the properties and parameters of construction (Construction plan) for the particular territory.
  • Working Development Plan (WDP) is to be prepared under certain conditions, but generally it details the DDP by exploring at a silhouette level allowable building heights, horizontal and vertical distances between buildings and regulation limits.
  • Plot plans (PP) are necessary for the realization of infrastructure (access to electricity, water, internet and other networks) for sites that are outside settlements areas…
  • Master Plan (Master Plan) treats the development in perspective for larger areas – communities. With the Master Plan is determined the permanent use of the land for development, urban planning parameters. Generally Master Plan is a skeletal structure on which develops the municipality as a territorial structure.
  • An integrated plan for urban regeneration and development (IPURD) is a concept which has recently entered the urban planning. This plan explores specific areas of an urban structure that might be a subject of funding from the European Structural Funds. The plan period of these plans is 7 years, coinciding with the programming period of European programs.

Talashim Project designers have extensive experience with any of these urban design projects. In our working process we have been dealing with major challenges in volume and character urban plans and believe that good architecture is unthinkable without good decided urban planning.

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