Social activity

Our team still in its formation has the ambition to participate actively and according to our capabilities in supporting various socially important causes. We believe that personal growth and success is incomplete if one does not support the development of others. That is why until now we used to, and we will continue to be involved in various initiatives to stimulate the progress of others around us. This will make shared success – our and assisted by us.

Particular guidelines in our public activities:

  • Supporting community centers with material and financial support (there are established practices from 2014). For us community center is the name of spiritual hearth of self-sacrifice and work for others. These institutions have a minimum budget and their existence is due solely to the spirit of the local people.
  • Supporting municipalities with grant preparation of non-large projects for participate in various programs (there are established practices from 2015). With such gestures to municipalities we have already helped of the impasse can have no means (and sometimes time) for ordering design, without which you lose funding opportunity.
  • Support of church trustees with free preparation of projects for reconstruction or developing church buildings. We start this initiative, which contributes to the saving and revival of many spiritual places.
  • Supporting talented children in the way of their education. A new initiative of our team is the establishment of a one-year scholarship for studious children, which encourages them to fulfillment of their dreams. We believe that we can run this idea by the end of 2016.

If you have a concrete proposal for any of the above guidelines or similar, please contact us and according to our ability we will try to respond. For now our main public activity is in the municipality of Elin Pelin, where the company headquarters and the residence of part of our team. However, we intend to support worthy causes in other municipalities.

The results of our public activity can be followed in the NEWS section.

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