For designers

Talashim Project is a team of architects and engineers, united by the desire to create good architecture, and hence a better living environment. We believe that with the many projects that we have implemented so far, we upgrade the good basis from previous generations and maybe even we correct their mistakes. We know that the work mistakes, but we learn from our and others’ mistakes, which improves the quality of our work.

For the time we work together, we build our mutual trust into friendship, which is necessary to turn our work into pleasure. Design for us is not only a livelihood, but also a realized goal, a dream that comes true. That’s why having a good relationship between us is so important – without it you cannot achieve a good result and success.

Our team is open for collaboration with architects and engineers from Bulgaria and abroad. We are available for partnership with colleagues both in the preparation of specific projects and for long-term cooperation. So if you are:

  • A qualified designer – architect or engineer with experience, who is looking for cooperation with architects or engineers of our team;
  • A student of architecture at the upper course, willing to be trained in our architectural team;
  • Graduated not-experienced designer, looking for a paid practice or work as a designer in our team;
  • A person without technical education, who likes our work and believes that we can be mutually beneficial;

Please contact us, so that we can discuss whether and how we can collaborate!

We believe that one of the surest ways to success is the unification and cooperation of a wide range of people and in special cases – colleagues. Working in a big team leads to mutual improvement and development.

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