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HRC Culinary Academy is one of the most successful Eastern European culinary schools. It is focused on the preparation of highly qualified chefs and staff in the field at the hotel. The school is part of an international organization that has partnered with leading hotel chains.

In November 2016 was opened the new training base of HRC Culinary Academy in the presence of special guests, guest chefs from Spain, Italy and the US, along with chief instructor of the Academy and more than 100 training young chefs from 29 countries prepared and culinary delights served for more than 200 guests.

Our team of experienced designers developed a project for the implementation of the reorganization of the existing building in Sofia which lasted two years. The main purpose of the reorganization was to become a modern training base of HRC in which to train 120-150 students per semester.

The total area of ​​the two levels is about 2400 m2 was taken to mean several different functional groups:

  • Training rooms – several kitchens (hot kitchen, pastry and chocolate atelier);
  • Storage products, dishwasher, preparing for kitchens;
  • Cooking demonstration studio and restaurant;
  • Administrative offices with a library, offices, meeting rooms;
  • Hygienic premises;
  • Multimedia room;
  • Demonstration theater;
  • Winery tasting;
  • Space for future expansion.

The exterior facade plan has been thoroughly changed. The approaches to the building were preserved. Roof height was reduced from the current position and significantly improved compared to the visual perception of the roof from the building. Emphasis is placed on renovating and sound insulation of the building to improve and energy efficiency.

Was provided for the optimal use of green spaces around the building – both grass and with bushes and plants.

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